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PipeBoost Product Updates

The latest PipeBoost production build is 3.1.324. At least version 3.0 is required to run PipeBoost on 64-bit servers.

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Changes and updates

New in version 3.1.324 (maintenance release)

F Empty responses (bodies 0 bytes long) without a Content-Length field are no longer compressed

New in version 3.1.322

+ New and updated browser profiles (MSIE 8, MSIE 7, Firefox)

+ 32-bit ISAPI filter is also installed on 64-bit OS so that PipeBoost can be used with 32-bit IIS

+ Site-relative config import with Pb-import-config.vbs sample script

F Increased timeout of IISRESET during install/uninstall to prevent killing IISAdmin service and losing Metabase changes

F Cache Analyzer was sometimes unable to retrieve the list of web sites from the server due to unusual Metabase entries

C Increased timeouts in the Header Retrieval tool

New in version 3.0.306

+ Full support for 64-bit Windows and IIS versions

+ Better detection of illegal line terminators in HTTP response headers (affected: some 3rd party CGI and ISAPI)

+ Displaying remote server version in Snap-in About dialog

F Minor Compression COM library fixes

F Other internal fixes

C Other internal changes

New in version 2.4.256 (maintenance release)

F Cached files were not be served to clients under certain conditions when cache prevalidation system was employed

New in version 2.4.254

+ Added X-Pb-CheckUserAgent header directive

F Browser Capabilities are still checked for supproted encodings when a request comes without Accept-Encoding field and compression is enabled for such requests in Advanced options

F Invalid values of Expires response header field are now treated as already-expired, as per RFC-2616 section 14.21

New in version 2.3.248

+ Added global and site level Allow compression option

C Compression level property at site level is deprecated. This property, if set, will be converted to Allow compression when you access the site properties

+ Added X-Pb-CompressionAllowed header directive

+ Added X-Pb-MinCompressSize header directive

+ Added config import sample script

F Metabase COM object can accept and write MULTISZ and BINARY data from Windows Scripting; Other type conversion fixes in Metabase COM object

New in version 2.2.226

+ Added performance data reset functionality (accessible via the MMC snap-in and Cache Analyzer UI)

+ Added administration script samples

+ Added Visual Basic compression/decompression samples

+ Added new browser profiles

+ Added Header Retrieval tool to the distribution

F Access permissions set on PipeBoost Management service are now more explicit; resolves Access Denied errors while filter attempts to start the service on some Windows 2003 SP1+ installations

C Compression for HTTPS traffic is disabled when running on Windows 2003 pre-SP1 in IIS 5.0 Isolation mode because of a bug in pre-SP1 IIS 6.0

F HTML Optimization now processes the <style> tag contents correctly

F Expired trial filter now still loads on IIS 6.0 in order to allow the Worker Process to start (filter loads in disabled mode)

F The correct (newer) Cache Analyzer help file is now shipped

New in version 2.1.204 (maintenance release)

F Long URL problem in Outlook Web Access fixed

F Workaround for WebDAV (OWA) not releasing memory sometimes when a client aborts the connection during a PROPFIND request

C Other internal changes

New in version 2.1.188

+ Added HTML optimization filter
(removes unnecessary whitespace; configurable strategy)

+ Further Event Log flood prevention mechanism
(similar events will only be logged X times during one session)

+ Workaround for Nagle algorithm in MS TCP stack not properly handled by IIS 5.0 for ISAPI filters
(small responses will be sent out much faster)

+ Added recording of filter execution trace for diagnostics
(can be enabled and will be sent to the client inside the response header)

F HEAD requests are always parsed the same way for compressible and not compressible responses

New in version 2.0.174 (maintenance release)

F Dechunking now never alters buffers passed by IIS (affected: some 3rd party ISAPI apps)

C Added performance object registration

C Minor internal changes and optimizations

New in version 2.0.163 (maintenance release)

F Response headers desynchronization fixed (rare; affected: ColdFusion)

C Internal changes

New in version 2.0.161

F Response headers were not always read correctly (rare); The fix improves overall stability

F HEAD request was not always correctly processed

C Asynchronous cache management threads now sleep often during lengthy operations to prevent blocking other tasks with excessive disk IO

F Fixed filter startup slowdowns (uncommon) on pre-Win2003 systems

C PipeBoost/X.X identifier moved to X-Powered-By response header field

New in version 2.0.157

+ Full IIS 6.0 support

+ New caching engine with QueryString+Cookies based caching; new options to control the caching engine (see Advanced Options); added PipeBoost Cookies tab to Site properties

+ Cache prevalidation system that allows cached pages to be validated by original CGI script and served without any further processing

+ New X-Pb-CacheOn directive that controls caching for a script or application

+ Select web sites functionality in Cache Analyzer

+ Option to allow compression for HTTP 1.0 proxies (previously it was denied in code)

+ Delete all cache functionality

C The core has been changed to fully support ISAPI filters and extensions like ColdFusion and Akamizer

C The value of the last directive will be used when multiple directives with the same name are supplied

F Compressible HEAD requests with NTLM authentication were not processed correctly and could freeze the connection

+ Fast uncompressed data passthru mode (at the expense of statistics accuracy) and an option to enable/disable this mode

C Faster cached entity pump

+ Optional standalone configuration support and cache management engine inside the PipeBoost Management service, required to use caching on IIS 6.0

New in version 1.05

+ Fast uncompressed data passthru mode (at the expense of statistics accuracy) and an option to enable/disable this mode

C Browser capabilities updates and changes

C Option defaults changes

+ Option to enable/disable the Vary response field generation or update

C More efficient PipeBoost filter disabling

C Disable compression temporarily option changed to permanent disable

+ Added PipeBoost configuration Import/Export/Delete functionality as menu items in MMC Snapin

C The filter priority has changed to High and as a result the core has been reworked

F In some cases while auto-switching to chunked mode due to internal buffer getting filled, the filter would produce corrupted responses

- Event 32 (Unable to send data to client) has been removed

- Event 100 (The performance object "string" was not found) is not considered an error as many newer performance applications may query the performance library for objects that do not belong to it. This event has been removed

F Other minor fixes

New in version 1.04

+ Workaround for buggy ISAPI extensions/filters that terminate the HTTP Response header fields incorrectly with an LF, instead of CR LF, as required by HTTP specifications (affected: ColdFusion 4.x)

F Average Compression Ratio and Average Reduction performance counters were incorrectly calculated after one of the base bytes counters grew over 4GB; this was due to a limitation in Performance Monitor, which could not do simple 64-bit fractions before Windows XP; the fix is a workaround for previous versions of Windows NT

F Scrolling with a mouse wheel or special cursor movement keys in the tree control in Browser Capabilities dialog was causing the checkboxes and comboboxes to stay in one place and not move with their parent nodes

C HEAD requests are now processed as close to reality as possible (without doing the actual compression)

C Cached files are never sent in chunked mode anymore, also fixes incomplete cache downloads with X-Pb-Flush

F Memory leak involving NTLM Authentication has been fixed

F A few minor memory leaks and a major memory leak that affected ColdFusion files have been fixed

C ISAPI filter now preserves the order of response header fields that have the same name

C Performance collection dll now closes memory objects on every call to allow some custom performance monitoring applications to remain active while W3SVC service is being restarted

C Performance collection dll aligns the returned data block size on 8-byte boundary to prevent Perflib 1016 warning events and possible data misalignments in objects that follow

+ Added .cfm (ColdFusion) files to Standard Configuration

+ Initial support for Standard Configuration overwrite option

C Other minor internal changes

Features legend
+ Added
- Removed
F Fixed (bugfix)
C Changed

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